Naya Rivera’s Pretty Golden Ladies

In 2012, Naya Rivera was nominated for two ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) awards.  The awards honor “outstanding Latino artistic achievements in television, film, and music.”  The winners in each category are largely determined by fan votes.  Fans vote for their favorites in each category with one vote per email address once a day for 60 days.

Naya Rivera was nominated in the categories “Favorite TV Actress in a Comedy” and “Favorite Female Music Artist”.  She won both awards in both categories, despite the fact that her role on Glee is considered a “supporting” role and she hasn’t released her own solo music album yet.

What is most interesting is Naya was pitted against some very well known competition in both categories, yet Naya has a cult-like following of fans that religiously voted and campaigned for her during the voting process.  And, Naya was successful.

To demonstrate what a feat Naya’s organized social media army is, let’s examine the other nominees in each category.  To show the approximate fan base of each of the nominees, here is the (recent) number of Twitter followers for each celebrity in both categories:

Favorite TV Actress in a Comedy:

–          Victoria Justice: 3,426,395

–          Sofia Vergara: 3,286,701

–          Bella Throne: 2,068,288

–          Naya Rivera: 935,359

–          Aubrey Plaza: 233,877

Favorite Female Music Artist:

–          Jennifer Lopez: 13,503,482

–          Demi Lovato: 10,876,588

–          Naya Rivera: 935,359

–          Gloria Estefan: 334,586

–          Esperanza Spalding: 42,305

To think that Naya’s fans were able to beat out Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato in the music category, who have more than 10 million followers each.  That is a pretty significant statement about just how much power organized fans can have through social media.  And clearly, it isn’t necessarily about the quantity of fans or followers; it’s the quality.

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