Glee – The Great Inequality Continues

Glee is just pushing all the wrong inequality buttons.  Back to Twitter for this one…

The official Glee Twitter account, @GLEEonFOX, has so far posted two fan favorite couple teasers, complete with photos about their journeys as couples.  One for Finn and Rachel (Finchel) and one for Kurt and Blaine (Klaine).

Finchel - 12.28.12

Posted @GLEEonFOX – 12.28.2012

Klaine - 1.2.13

Posted @GLEEonFOX – 1.2.2013

Here we are, 9 days later and still nothing posted about Brittany and Santana (Brittana).  At this point, we will probably be long dead if we wait with baited breath.

In addition, there was a Finchel Twitter trend today, which @GLEEonFOX acknowledged.

Finchel TT - 1.11.13

@GLEEonFOX – Acknowledges Finchel TT – 1.11.2013

And so did Glee cast member, Lea Michele (Rachel).

Lea Michele - TT 1.11.13

@msleamichele – Acknowledges Finchel TT – 1.11.2013

Today, there was also a Brittana Twitter trend, but nobody mentioned that…

Brittana TT - 1.11.2013

Brittana Twitter Trend – 1.11.2013

As a matter of fact, since late November, there have been 17 Brittana Twitter trends, and not one of them has been acknowledged by writers, cast members or @GLEEonFOX.  Brittana is systematically ignored.

Brittana TT - 1.11.13

Brittana Twitter Trends as of 1.11.2013

The Brittana fandom has more presence on social media, yet Glee, Fox and everyone involved seem resolute on pretending the Brittana fandom doesn’t exist.  This is disrespectful, hurtful and a blatant display of the reason Brittana fans are causing such a stink in the first place; Brittana fans are treated like unworthy, second class fans.  For a show that used to tout equality, clearly this is no longer a goal for Glee.

Treating Brittana fans like they don’t matter is a terrible message to send.  Furthermore, continuing to ignore the existence of a large, passionate group of people is only going to come back around to hurt the show in the end.   I personally have never felt more driven to fight against Glee and the inequality is has grown to stand for in regards to its treatment of queer females.

I am uncertain why Glee, the network and the cast/creators seem insistent on ignoring a passionate fan base who just want to know they are important.  A simple acknowledgement of the fans would go a long way in rebuilding hurt relationships with the Brittana fandom, and it’s the right thing to do; a simple acknowledgement that somebody hears them and that they matter.  That also doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

While maybe not the biggest part of the Glee fandom, us Brittana fans are still people who deserve to be acknowledged as important human beings, because we are.  Glee, you need to do better.

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Amplifying and celebrating the value of popular art, especially TV, in giving a voice to women and the LGBT community, in addition to serving as a media watcher on LGBT reporting.

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