Glee Fans Go Cannibal…

The Glee fandom is a train wreck.  With the Television Critics Association press tour this past week, there have been many spoilers leaked by the press that attack the ships Glee fans love most, which always stirs up trouble.  Furthermore, the double standards that continue to run rampant have been adding fuel to the fire that is turning the Glee fandom into a mutant monster eating off its own arms.

In the beginning, Glee was this amazingly inspiring show about people who were different finding a home, following their dreams and succeeding against all odds.  Now, the global Glee fandom has become exactly the opposite of the original intention of the show; it has become a volatile battle about ships, double-standards and antagonistic jabs at fans.  Creators are largely ignoring these concerns.

Finn and Rachel (Finchel) are proclaimed the main characters on Glee, despite boasting an enormous ensemble cast .  However, other important couples/characters, like Kurt and Blaine (Klaine), and Brittany and Santana (Brittana) have very passionate fan bases.  But, their story lines suffer in equal treatment and screen time at the feet of Finchel, and the favoritism towards heterosexuals and males.

As the resentment builds, the result is a lot of hurt and anger that has nowhere else to go but inward.  Fans have started waging war on each other.  Here are some examples.

The first is a Twitter trend, “No More Finchel”.  It’s unclear which of the fandoms started this, but fans of just about every other couple would be on board with this trend…

No More Finchel - 1.15.13

It continued later with a trending war between “Finchel Fans Love Lea and Cory” and “Faberry Fans Love Lea”.

Faberry vs Finchel - 1.16.13

The hostile nature of the Glee fandom right now is stressful, volatile and quickly burning out of control.  The culture currently cultivated by creators either ignoring or throwing fuel into the fire is not healthy at all.  The writers can do what they want with their creative decisions, but if they hope to keep their audience, they need to recognize their fans.  The Gleeks are screaming so loud, they’re impossible to miss.

A brief acknowledgement from the creative team stating they hear their fans would go a long way in taking the heat in the fandom down from a rolling boil to simmering, without writers even changing their story intentions.  It would buy the writers a little patience  and the audience would be more inclined to continue watching.  A TV show is ultimately unsustainable with a high negative outlook among audiences, like Glee is currently experiencing.

For show creators, acknowledging you see the people who care deeply about your show will go a long way in keeping passionate fans from turning into a show’s worst nightmare.  Glee, you are in trouble friend.

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Amplifying and celebrating the value of popular art, especially TV, in giving a voice to women and the LGBT community, in addition to serving as a media watcher on LGBT reporting.

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