Brittana’s Real Because Fans are Real

This season, Glee has been winning approximately zero points from the Brittany & Santana (Brittana) fandom and the ladies those characters represent.  Glee show runner, Ryan Murphy, has struck again.  (Most people try to avoid marginalizing and angering their fans, but it seems that Glee throws rocks at certain fans with abandon.)

One of the worst things for a show runner to say about a beloved lesbian couple?  This…

Ryan Murphy Tweet

This is offensive and hurtful for several reasons.  First of all, Ryan Murphy states that Brittana was not a “real relationship”.  The truth is, Brittana inspired, changed and saved many lives for the fans who identify with and love this couple.  By negating the validity of Brittana’s relationship, Ryan Murphy has also invalidated the huge positive impact this couple has had on viewers.

Ryan Murphy has punched the thousands of fans whose lives are reflected in Brittana’s story in the face.  He told them what the LGBT community hears in the real world everyday; that their love isn’t real.  Ryan Murphy just said Brittana is less then, and by projection, Brittana fans are less than.  That hurts.

The second problem with this statement is the use of the term, “hot”.  A long standing frustration for the queer female community is the belief that two hot chicks hooking up is just for the titillation of male viewers.  By implying in this tweet that Santana needs a “hot” girl, Ryan Murphy is indirectly again saying that all people want to see out of a lesbian relationship on TV is two hot chicks making out.  I don’t think so.  Fans, of all sexual orientations, look to Brittana for the intimate, genuine love story that two girls in a relationship can have, just like any other couple.  It isn’t all about the hotness, physical factor.

Maybe Ryan Murphy didn’t mean to completely alienate (for the countless time this season) an entire segment of Glee’s fan base and the LGBT community.  (I’m running out of patience.) If the Glee writers feel it best for Santana to move on, fine, but, there is a way to say this without completely erasing the meaning that Brittana holds in the hearts of viewers who need all the hope Brittana used to provide.

As story tellers, every character written reflects the real lives of fans, and attacking the “realness” of those characters and their relationships also means attacking fans, who are in fact real people with real feelings.  That is irresponsible and a poor way to promote a show, especially surrounding one of the few lesbian couples on TV.

Brittana always was and will be a real relationship because the lives Brittana changed are real.  Brittana lives in the heart of each and every fan those girls touched, and nobody, not even Ryan Murphy, can ever truly take that away.

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Amplifying and celebrating the value of popular art, especially TV, in giving a voice to women and the LGBT community, in addition to serving as a media watcher on LGBT reporting.

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  1. I’ve mostly agreed with you guys on Brittana stuff. HOWEVER, I don’t think Ryan’s points are meant to be derogatory here.

    1. It could be argued that, right now, Brittany isn’t emotionally there for Santana because the Glee writers brought the stupid Bram thing in, and apparently she’s going to be all hung up on him. There’s also the arguments that Brittany is too much like a child to really be good in a relationship with anyone.

    2. I think a lot of people, of every sexual orientation, say they want a hot girlfriend/boyfriend, or they should date someone hot, etc. I would say the same thing, although of course for it to be good there has to be more than the hot to this.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You know, he probably didn’t mean it in a derogatory fashion. Sometimes, especially in the context of how Brittana and fans have been treated this season, it’s really hard to take a step back. So, thank you for the on point perspective!

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