Glee Makes a YouTube Mistake

Sometimes, when story lines are not so hot, double standards are the new normal, and everything fans have to say about your failing show are ignored, it’s going to cause some trouble.  This is a lesson Glee has yet to learn as evidenced by their YouTube faux pas today.

Today, out comes a sneak peek video for next week’s Glee episode, an episode that is set to be wrought with Brittany and Sam interaction and Brittany saying “I love you” (allegedly) to Sam.  Again, another example of the double standards which the Brittana fandom (and others) have been fighting against since November.

Well this sneak peak video features Brittany singing a love song to her cat, Lord Tubbington.  And then Glee posted this description as the tagline for the video:

“Lord Tubbington plays a pivotal role in this episode as Brittany prepares to tell Sam that she loves him.”

Well, that was a bad idea.  A large number of Glee fans, (not just Brittana fans) started leaving negative comments and giving the video a thumbs down.  Criticism comes in two forms on this one: First, ridiculous story lines.  Second, the fact that Sam and Brittany are still a couple and Glee is still promoting their double standards ridden relationship.

Here’s a small sampling of comments that feature both varieties of criticism:

You Tube Comments

I also happen to like these comments.  (Really, there were hundreds of good ones to choose from…)

YouTube Comments

And this one has a great point too…

You Tube Comments

Glee just hasn’t learned yet, or won’t learn, or Ryan Murphy wants the show to cancel itself.  Quickly realizing they made a mistake once the negative comments started rolling in, the Glee YouTube channel quickly tried to save face and changed the video description to this:

“Brittany enlists the New Directions to help her express her love for Lord Tubbington.”

Also this.  Hmm, wonder who is marking the original descriptions as spam…

You Tube Spam

But, it’s too late.  Brittana fans and the rest of the Glee fandom already saw, and the vast network that is fandom has been unleashed.  Let the damage control begin for Glee.

I urge you to visit the video, give it a thumbs down, leave a comment expressing disinterest or intent not to watch the episode, and give thumbs up to the comments you agree with here.

But most importantly, PLEASE, PLEASE, especially if you want to stand up for equality and better storytelling, do not watch this upcoming Glee episode, “Shooting Star” airing April 11th.  Let a drop in ratings help convince Glee they are still going wrong.

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Amplifying and celebrating the value of popular art, especially TV, in giving a voice to women and the LGBT community, in addition to serving as a media watcher on LGBT reporting.

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  1. Yay! You picked my comment on the video to put in your article, aha. But yeah we’re going to definitely spread our words to make sure no one watches this episode. If words from the fans aren’t enough to let Ryan and Co. know what they are doing is wrong then I hope the low numbers will!

  2. Why is this show renewed? Seriously. It gets worse each season so if this is what season 4 is like, imagine what season 5 will be like. Bram is disgusting, and it makes me hate them even more because the writers are going out of their way to give Bram what they should’ve given Brittana.

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