Women bring the box office Heat

Recent statistics indicate that women’s roles are shrinking in big studio release movies. Considering that half the people who watch movies are actual women and that women-lead movies do well at the box office (Bridesmaids, anyone?), it’s baffling that studios are still producing more and more male driven movies. Well, this weekend again demonstrates that movies lead by women are box office winners.

One of the new movie releases this weekend included the action movie, “White House Down”, with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in the lead roles.

White House Down

Also released this weekend was “The Heat”, starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

The Heat

Turns out “White House Down” is experiencing a weak opening.  The film is only projected to pull in $27 million this weekend. Considering the budget for the film was $150 million, that’s a lot of ground to cover. On the other hand, “The Heat” opened in second place at the box office with $15 million on Friday alone, and it is expected to earn $40 million just this first weekend. (X)

So when we look at these two films, one clearly starring men, the other starring women, it’s important to take note that a film starring *gasp* two women is earning more than the typical male fare at the box office. While perhaps the difference in revenue for each film may be linked to several other factors, the fact is movies featuring females sell, time and time again.

In an industry (and society) seemingly reversing itself in regards to equality between men and women, the box office success of “The Heat” is another example that women equally deserve to be in the lead in movies, and everywhere else. Not to mention, as “The Heat” proved this weekend, female-driven art is profitable for everyone too.

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Amplifying and celebrating the value of popular art, especially TV, in giving a voice to women and the LGBT community, in addition to serving as a media watcher on LGBT reporting.

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