Glee fans choose songs to ruin — hear

To add to the growing body of literature, this morning Glee announced it was going to allow fans to vote to choose what songs the new New Directions should ruin next. Well, that’s not exactly what they’re doing, but that’s really the result. To celebrate its 100th episode, Glee allows fans to vote on 10 past performances to include in this upcoming episode. The travesty: the new members of New Directions will be performing the remixed versions of old favorite songs in the upcoming season 5 episode. (See edit below.)

Glee Season 2

The 30 songs fans must choose from on FOX’s website are largely from the show’s first three seasons, a time when Glee was less irritating or problematic. In addition, those beloved songs were performed largely by original cast members, and therefore slated to be watered down and ruined by the less meaningful and less cared about new cast.

For anyone keeping up, the majority of the online fan voice and media criticism surrounding Glee constantly point to the fact that the new cast, the Lima, OH, portion of the show, are outright unbearable. Ratings continue to dip into the series’ fifth season, and the magic of the first 3 seasons seems to be dead for good.

With a show like Glee, which has a large and active online presence, allowing fans to choose songs for a milestone episode is a great idea. It is a shout out to the fans who have stuck with the show for all 100 episodes, and fosters the symbiotic relationship between fans and the TV show itself. But this is Glee.

While this really is a great idea in theory, Glee needs to first listen to its audience when it says the new characters are boring. To repurpose songs like the iconic “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Landslide,” which still hold deep meaning in their original context, is disrespectful. Glee will be essentially throwing those impactful moments away by assigning them to the new cast that the core audience largely does not care about at best and loathes at worst.

This voting is a giant fuck you to the hard work of the original cast of Glee who made the show what it was, and to the fans that have stuck with the show thus far, a monumental accomplishment in itself. It’s a shame Glee’s 100th episode will be a celebration of everything most fans can’t stand.

EDIT: As of late 2013, creator Ryan Murphy announced the return of the majority of the original Glee cast for the 100th episode. In addition, so far, it sounds like those same originals will be covering some or many of the songs fans voted for.

While the reason for this change, or whether it was planned all along (doubtful) remains unclear. Perhaps it was fan uproar or some other stoke of incomprehensible Glee logic, but this was an excellent decision on the part of the show. So, thank you, Glee.

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