No Naya No Glee

The news broke earlier today that Naya Rivera has been written out of Glee’s season 5 finale. Things don’t look great for Santana’s return in season 6, sort of how Glee’s ratings don’t look so good. As a result, ‘No Naya No Glee’ trended for about 3 hours today, one of the longest Glee trends, especially in recent months.


Twitter trends, 4/28/2014

Whatever happened with Naya Rivera, this move makes Glee look like an unstable bomb waiting to explode both on and off screen. At this rate, Glee—which already leaves a lot of be desired—will go out an unwatchable mess. A show with a world-changing start run completely into the ground.

This is even more frustrating, as Brittana was resurrected for a beautiful two episodes, only to be ripped away again, despite Heather Morris’ return for the finale. And of course, losing Santana means the loss of another queer lady on TV–a queer lady of color too. Not that Santana has ever had an on screen girlfriend she was allowed to talk with or show affection or sing with regularly or show any variety of intimacy at all for very long.


Here’s hoping for a miracle and Naya’s return to the show, which would clearly be worth the effort if the Twitter trend is any indication. No Naya, no Glee. There is no truer statement.


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