Debunking the Debunking of Klaine’s Popularity


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Welcome back to the Klainer merry-go-round!

A friendly, helpful Klainer hoping to debunk the previous Debunking of Klaine’s popularity (going in circles, it’s a thing) provided a lot of helpful information via comments demonstrating Klainers have a lot of time on their hands to spend on the internet. Oops, I meant that Klaine are the most popular Glee couple. Spoiler alert: Still not really true. Also, there’s room for everybody, especially ALL the LGBTQ ships and characters. Hashtag, representation. Am I right, Klainers?

The helpful commenting Klainer claims things like: Klaine has the most Google searches (Note: search could be “I hate Klaine” and still count), Klaine has the most fan fiction stories, raised the most money on the tissue boxes from the break up (Note: Not everyone has disposable income to spend on these things), won this couple poll and that couple poll (Note: other Glee couples have also won polls), and so on. (Most listed here in an exhausting Klaine stats master sheet.)

While all of this shows some popularity, what it most demonstrates is which fandom has the most time for the internet during any given day, week, month or year. There is no accurate measure of reality here, especially since it discounts the millions of general audience members whose opinions aren’t known or members of fandom who express their shipping via other forums–including offline communication. This goes for ALL ships. In addition, we search for and surround ourselves with what agrees and supports our preferred worldview and leave out contradicting evidence. This is human nature, but we can’t forget it’s not usually the most accurate picture of reality.

Next, the most hilarious provided evidence:

“Should I mention that in 2012 glee’s official facebook made a poll and Klaine won for best couple with half of the votes???? And you could vote only once unlike that PCA’S one???”

First of all, the fact that Glee official anything is considered evidence should send up warning flags, they’re so inherently tone deaf. Secondly, the People’s Choice Awards (PCAs) are way more visible and inclusive than a Glee-specific Facebook poll. Thirdly, it’s now 2015, so a singular poll from 2012 seems mute. Considering many fans have a severe disdain for Glee official anything and refuse to engage with their official social media–even in 2012–these polls don’t factor in situational contingencies that affect the outcome. Furthermore, any such poll can only be accurate if every shipping member of the Glee fandom casts a vote. This is highly unlikely to ever happen.

Where is the post compiling all the polls EVER won by a Glee couple? Not just the ones Klaine, Brittana or Faberry won, but the entire, unedited set. From these, a more definitive conclusion could possibly be drawn about Glee couple popularity via click bait polls. And even then, these polls don’t survey every single member of the Glee population, and are therefore limited in their accuracy.

Speaking of click bait, media outlets write things to attract page views, which attracts advertising dollars. Hence why many media sites paying attention to fandom wrote articles about Bram–because it was like a moth to the flame for clicks from rightly offended Brittana fans and allies. So, as reported via comment:

“Klaine are the CANON gay couple most shipped of 2014 according to tumblr (even eonline posted about it, they even tweeted about it and showed support for Klaine).”

Eonline (remember that one time once they tweeted something nice about Klaine!?) writing about Klaine–beyond reporting on a social media trend–attracts Klainers who clearly have a propensity for clicking on all things Klaine, and thus earning the site advertising dollars. Welcome to online media. Eonline thanks you kindly. (Note: Remember, ‘most popular on Tumblr’ reflects only people who use Tumblr, not the entire Glee population.)

So here we are. In conclusion, just like shippers alone won’t affect ratings, selectively collected internet-only statistics about a small portion of millions doesn’t prove anything beyond a general popularity trend–not for Klaine, Brittana or any other couple. I know this whole thing will be read by some (Klainers, I see you), as a last ditch, hollow effort to pretend Klaine are not popular. Klaine are a popular (also loathed) part of the Glee fandom. However, what does remain true, is that Klaine is not nearly as popular as Klainers insist.

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