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‘Glee’ Breakdowns



Glee released its first character breakdown yesterday, announcing the new roles Glee is casting for their final shortened season 6. Big surprise, all these new characters are high schoolers, 3 of the 5 characters are male, including another gay male character. I am going to place my bets right now that role will be cast as a white gay male.

I laughed a little at the Twitter outrage when TVLine made the casting information public this morning. More males, another gay male, no queer women… Why is anyone surprised? This is Glee, and history doesn’t lie. Glee has never really cared about telling the stories of queer women. The entire series has evolved into a disappointing homage to white men.

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‘Faking It’ F***ed Up

yM5DefuAFaking It. From such tentative potential after what sounded horrible, the season finale could not possibly have ended any worse. In those final seconds–with Amy (Rita Volk) and Liam’s (Gregg Sulkin) hook up–it really became a lesbian’s worst nightmare.

Covington states in a recent interview that his heart is in the right place and he comes from the same community. First, good intentions can still result in terrible actions. Secondly, he doesn’t come from the same community, as he so vividly demonstrated with Faking It’s season finale. Queer women are exploited by men–straight and apparently gay showrunners–by using these tired lesbian sleeps with man tropes, queer baiting and double standards.

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No Naya No Glee

The news broke earlier today that Naya Rivera has been written out of Glee’s season 5 finale. Things don’t look great for Santana’s return in season 6, sort of how Glee’s ratings don’t look so good. As a result, ‘No Naya No Glee’ trended for about 3 hours today, one of the longest Glee trends, especially in recent months.


Twitter trends, 4/28/2014

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Resurrecting Brittana

Well, tomorrow is the night. If you believe the spoilers, Brittana will actually talk to each other and possibly reunite in some capacity during Glee’s 100th episode. (Let’s also just hope like hell this isn’t Naya Rivera’s last episode—or Heather Morris’ for that matter.)

While Glee can never completely make up for the appalling way Brittana and Brittana fans repeatedly end up on the fast track to heartbreak in the past, I hope they take this opportunity to do better by giving Brittana something meaningful. They’ve got all our hopes up. After all, they sure look cute in this new promo picture!


And are great on Brittana’s remix of “Valerie.”

‘True’ Fan

No, this has nothing to do with True Detective, though I’ve heard good things, nor True Blood, specifically. This has to do with appropriating what it means to be a ‘true’ fan.


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Speak for yourself – Creating better representations

In a growing stream of artists called out for racism, Katy Perry’s American Music Awards Performance has been called into question. For those of you who missed it, Perry performed her song, “Unconditionally” dressed in a kimono, surrounded by a mix of Japanese and other borrowed Asian cultural elements.

Katy Perry

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Glee fans choose songs to ruin — hear

To add to the growing body of literature, this morning Glee announced it was going to allow fans to vote to choose what songs the new New Directions should ruin next. Well, that’s not exactly what they’re doing, but that’s really the result. To celebrate its 100th episode, Glee allows fans to vote on 10 past performances to include in this upcoming episode. The travesty: the new members of New Directions will be performing the remixed versions of old favorite songs in the upcoming season 5 episode. (See edit below.)

Glee Season 2

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The Trouble with ‘Glee’

I was frantically running around my bedroom, angling my computer just right to capture the action on the TV screen and making sure my computer wouldn’t go to sleep in the middle of recording. (This is what I call poor woman’s DVR.) I chewed all my fingernails off with anxiety before I even left the house in fear my sad attempt at recording a live television show wouldn’t capture what I needed it to. I barely made it out the door on time. What was wrong with me?

On that night, Glee was airing its season three Valentine’s Day episode. At the time, I was still trying to convince myself I wanted to be a professional saxophone player (along with denying other parts of my identity). So, I was out the door to rehearse a big saxophone solo I was performing with a local orchestra. Unfortunately, the rehearsal time was scheduled so that I might miss all or part of the Valentine’s Day episode of Glee. Sure, I could watch it later, but there was no way that was going to cut it.  Not at all.  Rumor had it, and oh, I don’t know, maybe twenty episodes overdue, that a beautiful moment like this was happening:

Brittana Heart Kiss

Glee characters, Brittany (on the left) and Santana, Glee’s resident lesbian (on the right)

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Fandom’s the Same, Technology Improved

Expressing appreciation to favorite actors/performers, interacting with other fans, creating fan art, videos, writing fan fiction…  All of these are regular fandom activities that seem impossible without at the very least a computer, especially in a world where it’s hard to function without technology for even five minutes.

The internet and social media has certainly become core vehicles of fandom, allowing fans around the globe to easily connect, interface and share their fandom creations.  Really, how did a fandom ever do anything before the internet and social media?  Turns out, they did the same thing fans do now, just with the technology (or lack thereof) that was available at the time.

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FOX Delusional About Glee Fans

This should speak for itself.

Delusional FOX Statements Delusional FOX Statements 2