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Speak for yourself – Creating better representations

In a growing stream of artists called out for racism, Katy Perry’s American Music Awards Performance has been called into question. For those of you who missed it, Perry performed her song, “Unconditionally” dressed in a kimono, surrounded by a mix of Japanese and other borrowed Asian cultural elements.

Katy Perry

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Sex and Blue is the Warmest Color

Since its inaugural showing at the Cannes Film Festival this year, taking the top prize, Palme d’Or, the media conversation surrounding Blue is the Warmest Color continues to simmer. The focus of the conversation about the lesbian-themed, French film is overwhelmingly about the graphic sex scenes between the two women. As writer, Ashton Cooper over at Jezebel noted this past weekend, in the media reporting on Blue is the Warmest Color, plenty of commentary exists from male critics, but few female, especially, queer female voices. So, to add to the growing number of queer discussions about this lesbian-filled film, I add my two cents.


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