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Latest ‘Glee’ Poll

EOnline’s at it again. Oy.

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Pretty sure that sums it up.

FOX Delusional About Glee Fans

This should speak for itself.

Delusional FOX Statements Delusional FOX Statements 2

A New Approach

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, reading, listening and talking recently about Brittana, Glee and the ongoing battle of the fans.  And you know what? It might be time for testing a new approach.

The traditional model of fighting for equality involves just that; a lot of fighting.  Everything from advocating for government change through rallies and protests, all the way to TV and boycotting advertisers, or letter writing campaigns.  That’s what the model looks like; something isn’t right, we take up our pitch forks and picket signs and fight like hell.

But equality is most likely not won by fighting alone.  That’s part of the reason culture changes more from TV than anything else. People develop an attachment to or understanding of their favorite characters.  Sometimes those characters are lesbian, gay, or otherwise different from ourselves, and we extend our new found love of those characters to a new found acceptance of real life people similar to those characters.

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Glee Fans – Go After the Advertisers

Once upon a time, there was this TV show called, Chuck.  The show was on the air around the time of the writer’s strike, and because it had a smaller following, the show was slated to be cancelled after its 2nd season.  However, the studio was messing with the wrong fandom.


In an innovative, highly successful campaign, Chuck fans didn’t send their mail to the network, but they appealed to an advertiser who could fund the show; the fast food chain, Subway.  Chuck fans organized on social media, and started buying Subway sandwiches like crazy.

They were persistent, organized some really cool events, got strong support from outside sources and by showing their support for Subway, NBC and Subway forged a partnership to fund the next season of the show.  Chuck fans played a large role in saving their show with a small but passionate group of people.

Check out an article about the Chuck Subway campaign here.

Now, for Glee…

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Oh Ryan Murphy – What say you now?

Ryan Murphy is being honored by the Paley Center for Media for his contributions to the medium.   

The man who set back equality for lesbians, bisexual women, hell all women, was awarded by the Paley Center for Media as being a revolutionary show creator.  Ryan Murphy is not only the creator of Glee, but also The New Normal, American Horror Story, Popular, and Nip/Tuck.

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Fans at Work – Some Updates

Here are some updates on some fan-related missions:  Update on that E! shipping poll, a little bit about Naya Rivera’s Super Bowl M&M commercial, and the Brittana fandom’s continued mission.

First, the E! online poll discussed here has reached the next round.  There are now 8 couples left.  Sadly, Grey’s Anatomy’s Calzona didn’t make it through, but both Brittany & Santana and Lauren & Bo made it through.

It’s also interesting to note that “the big 3” from Glee (Brittana, Klaine and Finchel) made it into this next round.  The Glee fandom has a VERY strong social media presence, so I guess this isn’t surprising.

The current results are below, and you can vote here (vote for the lesbian ships!) until this Wednesday.  It looks like it’s going to be close all the way around.

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Glee Fans Go Cannibal…

The Glee fandom is a train wreck.  With the Television Critics Association press tour this past week, there have been many spoilers leaked by the press that attack the ships Glee fans love most, which always stirs up trouble.  Furthermore, the double standards that continue to run rampant have been adding fuel to the fire that is turning the Glee fandom into a mutant monster eating off its own arms.

In the beginning, Glee was this amazingly inspiring show about people who were different finding a home, following their dreams and succeeding against all odds.  Now, the global Glee fandom has become exactly the opposite of the original intention of the show; it has become a volatile battle about ships, double-standards and antagonistic jabs at fans.  Creators are largely ignoring these concerns.

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Glee – The Great Inequality Continues

Glee is just pushing all the wrong inequality buttons.  Back to Twitter for this one…

The official Glee Twitter account, @GLEEonFOX, has so far posted two fan favorite couple teasers, complete with photos about their journeys as couples.  One for Finn and Rachel (Finchel) and one for Kurt and Blaine (Klaine).

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Brittana Fans Launch a Counter Attack on Glee

Glee is not a show unfamiliar to fan uproars, outrages and campaigning via social media, and I will probably write a lot about it.  The various divisions of the Glee fandom have a HUGE, LOUD social media presence.  This time, fans are going after the double standards for queer women on the show as displayed in a recent episode of Glee titled, “Swan Song” (Season 04, Episode 09).

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