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No Naya No Glee

The news broke earlier today that Naya Rivera has been written out of Glee’s season 5 finale. Things don’t look great for Santana’s return in season 6, sort of how Glee’s ratings don’t look so good. As a result, ‘No Naya No Glee’ trended for about 3 hours today, one of the longest Glee trends, especially in recent months.


Twitter trends, 4/28/2014

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Glee fans choose songs to ruin — hear

To add to the growing body of literature, this morning Glee announced it was going to allow fans to vote to choose what songs the new New Directions should ruin next. Well, that’s not exactly what they’re doing, but that’s really the result. To celebrate its 100th episode, Glee allows fans to vote on 10 past performances to include in this upcoming episode. The travesty: the new members of New Directions will be performing the remixed versions of old favorite songs in the upcoming season 5 episode. (See edit below.)

Glee Season 2

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FOX Delusional About Glee Fans

This should speak for itself.

Delusional FOX Statements Delusional FOX Statements 2

FOX ‘Fan Front’

Seems that some networks are really getting the message that TV shows are very fan driven, which only becomes truer the more popular social media becomes.  FOX network is jumping into getting fans in their pocket by hosting their first ever (and genius) ‘FanFront’ event.

Each May, networks present their returning and new TV shows to advertisers at the ‘UpFronts’ to gain funding for their fall lineup.  This year, FOX has decided to incorporate fans into the experience, which is attended by stars from the shows, network execs and advertisers.

FOX hopes by including fans in the event, it will give their shows extra buzz over the summer and leading into the fall.  This is a brilliant move on the part of FOX and displays an increasing awareness that fans are a valuable asset in the success of TV shows.

Want some more information?  Check out ‘FanFront’ information here.

FOX Logo

Glee Fans – Go After the Advertisers

Once upon a time, there was this TV show called, Chuck.  The show was on the air around the time of the writer’s strike, and because it had a smaller following, the show was slated to be cancelled after its 2nd season.  However, the studio was messing with the wrong fandom.


In an innovative, highly successful campaign, Chuck fans didn’t send their mail to the network, but they appealed to an advertiser who could fund the show; the fast food chain, Subway.  Chuck fans organized on social media, and started buying Subway sandwiches like crazy.

They were persistent, organized some really cool events, got strong support from outside sources and by showing their support for Subway, NBC and Subway forged a partnership to fund the next season of the show.  Chuck fans played a large role in saving their show with a small but passionate group of people.

Check out an article about the Chuck Subway campaign here.

Now, for Glee…

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