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TV Ratings – Look for ‘Glee’ at the Bottom

Check out this illuminating graphic from Vulture showing the percentage gains and losses of viewers for TV shows that returned this past season. (2013-2014). Of special interest is Glee, which earned a 45% loss of audience this past year. This includes, of course, the season 5 finale, Glee’s worst rated episode ever. As Heather Hogan says, “it’s time to say goodbye to Glee.

It’s also pretty cool that coming out of their 10th season, Grey’s Anatomy managed a slight bump up in viewership.

TV Ratings

Spectrums and Double Standards?

LiamKarmaAmy-1397754823While it is important to represent a broad spectrum of what it means to be  queer, including representations that transcend definitions, it seems that these stories are relegated almost exclusively to female characters. Meanwhile, queer male characters are never found in these positions and are considered revolutionary for being unapologetically, out, proud gay. This seems like a double standard to me, one that I don’t know what to make of.

Buzz Feed posted an article about “Faking It” and its forward-thinking nature in portraying queerness with less focus on labeling. While I agree with several of author Louis Peitzman’s points, particularly about the confusing nature of queerness in high school, he seems to think that having a full-blown, established lesbian character is outdated. Peitzman says of women who only love women and define themselves as lesbians, “Those rigid lines, in fact, are exactly what now feel dated.”

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Integrating Queer on TV

I happened upon a brilliant thesis by Jasmine Ing at the University of Calgary titled, “Queervisions: Queer Women Speak About Their First Experiences of Queer Representations in Film and Television”. For a great read check out the full thesis here.

The line that caught my attention was this:

“In short, popular culture depictions can allow the isolated to view characters who have managed to successfully integrate their queer sexuality into their daily lives.”

This line right here advocates for the fact that we need TV characters whose sexuality isn’t an issue; where they are just living their regular lives like everyone else. In teen-centric shows, such as Pretty Little Liars or Glee, the coming out story is important because of the age of characters. But beyond that, beyond what is organic to the character’s story, TV shows need to move past the coming out phase of a character’s life.

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Angry Fans = Success?

How does a show know their fans are engaged? Seems that the more dynamic the emotion, the more successful creators consider a show, even if it means fans are burning mad.

Bones just aired their season finale in which (minimal spoilers) a huge obstacle was thrown into Temperance “Bones” Brennan & Seeley Booth’s relationship. It was heartbreaking and left a lot of fans feeling a lot of different emotions, few of which included “happiness”.

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Fans and Show Runners – Shonda Rhimes

Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has a huge, passionate fan base with a strong social media presence.  Uh oh.  Begin the social media roaring when couples have fights, don’t get “enough” scenes, break up, or in the case of Grey’s Anatomy, die.   Grey’s is no stranger to such outpouring of fandom, well, passion.

Grey's Anatomy

There is such a fine, fine line to walk between writing stories that keep fans happy versus just plain good story telling.  Sometimes, those two considerations don’t intersect at all.  It’s good stories and great characters that gets fans invested in the first place, but does this change once the fans really get into the conversation?

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Fans at Work – Some Updates

Here are some updates on some fan-related missions:  Update on that E! shipping poll, a little bit about Naya Rivera’s Super Bowl M&M commercial, and the Brittana fandom’s continued mission.

First, the E! online poll discussed here has reached the next round.  There are now 8 couples left.  Sadly, Grey’s Anatomy’s Calzona didn’t make it through, but both Brittany & Santana and Lauren & Bo made it through.

It’s also interesting to note that “the big 3” from Glee (Brittana, Klaine and Finchel) made it into this next round.  The Glee fandom has a VERY strong social media presence, so I guess this isn’t surprising.

The current results are below, and you can vote here (vote for the lesbian ships!) until this Wednesday.  It looks like it’s going to be close all the way around.

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Rainbow Fandoms Ship Passion – And Win

I have a theory; a highly unscientific, observational and unabashedly biased theory.   It has to do with why fandoms of TV lesbian couples have a tendency to dominate in the world of online shipping.  (I guess the same goes for gay couples, but sorry, not really my focus here.)  I have an example for you…

So, E! is having their annual shipping tournament across all TV couples.  The initial round started with 64 of the most nominated TV couples.  (These had to be well established canon couples at some point.)  Couples are pitted against each other in pairs and then voted on by fans.  The couple with the highest percentage of votes in each bracket advances to the next round.  The tournament is currently on the 3rd round, which closes this Sunday, and is down to only 16 couples.

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