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Reads of the Week: Racism, Reason and Vulnerability

Take a look at this week’s Reads of the Week: Great articles about the LGBTQ community, feminism, women and anything else worth reading.

  • obama-eulogy-full-videoSixteenByNine1050“I am praying that Americans will get their shit together and stop fighting over the same old bones we’ve been trying to hide in the closet for over 400 years. The jig is up. The world knows we’ve got a closet full of racism, that we’re no poster children, that we systematically subjugate people of color and the poor.” – Hillary Crosley Coker, Jezebel
  • “Americans can and should denounce the racist and gun-crazed culture that shamefully resulted in nine corpses in Charleston this week, but they also need to dig deeper. At the core of all of this dysfunction is an abandonment of reason.” – David Niose, Psychology Today
  • “I think as dangerous and daunting and scary as vulnerability can be, I don’t think it’s ever as dangerous, daunting, or scary as reflecting back on moments in our lives where we wonder what would have happened if I would have shown up. ” – Drake Baer, Fast Company