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‘Faking It’ F***ed Up

yM5DefuAFaking It. From such tentative potential after what sounded horrible, the season finale could not possibly have ended any worse. In those final seconds–with Amy (Rita Volk) and Liam’s (Gregg Sulkin) hook up–it really became a lesbian’s worst nightmare.

Covington states in a recent interview that his heart is in the right place and he comes from the same community. First, good intentions can still result in terrible actions. Secondly, he doesn’t come from the same community, as he so vividly demonstrated with Faking It’s season finale. Queer women are exploited by men–straight and apparently gay showrunners–by using these tired lesbian sleeps with man tropes, queer baiting and double standards.

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Spectrums and Double Standards?

LiamKarmaAmy-1397754823While it is important to represent a broad spectrum of what it means to be  queer, including representations that transcend definitions, it seems that these stories are relegated almost exclusively to female characters. Meanwhile, queer male characters are never found in these positions and are considered revolutionary for being unapologetically, out, proud gay. This seems like a double standard to me, one that I don’t know what to make of.

Buzz Feed posted an article about “Faking It” and its forward-thinking nature in portraying queerness with less focus on labeling. While I agree with several of author Louis Peitzman’s points, particularly about the confusing nature of queerness in high school, he seems to think that having a full-blown, established lesbian character is outdated. Peitzman says of women who only love women and define themselves as lesbians, “Those rigid lines, in fact, are exactly what now feel dated.”

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‘Faking It’ – Follow Up

faking it logoMTV’s Faking It, which officially airs April 22, released the pilot a few days early. With initial concerns, now that an episode is out, it seems like a great time to follow up. First and foremost, overall, Faking It isn’t nearly as terrible as it seemed it would be based on early interviews and the trailer.

Though Faking It maybe isn’t the disaster it could have been, there are still some really major concerns with this show. Faking It erases the struggle that many, many LGBT teens face in school. For example, in Faking It’s alternate universe, the “outcasts are the in crowd,” which includes the LGBT kids. Even though the LGBT kids are cool, it appears this can only happen in an alternate universe like Faking It. In the real world, gay kids are relegated to outsiders—not normal equals—to everyone else in the real universe. Perhaps intentional or to predict a future post-homophobia universe, this is a slipperly messaging slope.

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