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Representation of LGBT Characters in Television: Geeking Out

Some spot on discussion about LGBTQ characters on TV shows. Their assessment of Glee is particularly poignant.


Fans at Work – Some Updates

Here are some updates on some fan-related missions:  Update on that E! shipping poll, a little bit about Naya Rivera’s Super Bowl M&M commercial, and the Brittana fandom’s continued mission.

First, the E! online poll discussed here has reached the next round.  There are now 8 couples left.  Sadly, Grey’s Anatomy’s Calzona didn’t make it through, but both Brittany & Santana and Lauren & Bo made it through.

It’s also interesting to note that “the big 3” from Glee (Brittana, Klaine and Finchel) made it into this next round.  The Glee fandom has a VERY strong social media presence, so I guess this isn’t surprising.

The current results are below, and you can vote here (vote for the lesbian ships!) until this Wednesday.  It looks like it’s going to be close all the way around.

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Rainbow Fandoms Ship Passion – And Win

I have a theory; a highly unscientific, observational and unabashedly biased theory.   It has to do with why fandoms of TV lesbian couples have a tendency to dominate in the world of online shipping.  (I guess the same goes for gay couples, but sorry, not really my focus here.)  I have an example for you…

So, E! is having their annual shipping tournament across all TV couples.  The initial round started with 64 of the most nominated TV couples.  (These had to be well established canon couples at some point.)  Couples are pitted against each other in pairs and then voted on by fans.  The couple with the highest percentage of votes in each bracket advances to the next round.  The tournament is currently on the 3rd round, which closes this Sunday, and is down to only 16 couples.

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