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Fact Checker – The Glee Shipper Version

glee-100-episode-fox-400While Klaine shippers make some of the strongest misguided claims, they are certainly not alone. Brittana shippers have been known to employ this same logic—that Brittana can save the ratings! Sure, Brittana has a lot more going for it (this is not an unbiased site), but it’s just not true. Glee’s 100th episode showed a bump in ratings. Yes, Brittana was back, but so were many originals. Mainstream critical response, which is probably the most accurate window into what general audiences think, was not overwhelmingly positive for this episode. Glee’s 101st episode, as a continuation, showed a rating drop from the week before. The Brittana resolution was not enough to even maintain ratings from the week before. Even an attempt at boycott by Brittana fans during Swan song in season 4, when the Brittana fandom was at its height, didn’t affect the ratings that much.

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