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Reads of the Week: Diversity, Poverty, Idiots and TV Quizzes

Take a look at this week’s Reads of the Week: Great articles about the LGBTQ community, feminism, women and anything else worth reading.

  • “Poverty is a chaos that screams in the present tense, and the anxiety of having no money forces poorer families to direct their attention to immediate concerns. As a result, the poor spend relatively more on what will keep them alive, because they must. And the rich spend more on what will keep them rich, because they can.” – The Atlantic
  • “And for Wenner, a rich, powerful 69-year-old man, to place culpability for his magazine’s lapse on a twentysomething pseudonymous woman, well, that tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?” – Gawker on Rolling Stone‘s Jann Wenner

Hashtag: Sorry, Not Sorry

Pop music historically exploits women and female sexuality. (This is of course not limited to pop music.) Naya Rivera just came out with her first single, Sorry. In this tune, Rivera celebrates winning over her boyfriend, Sean Anderson (stage name, Big Sean), and stealing him out from under a list of other girls, who according to Rivera and Anderson, only coincidentally share the same names as several of Anderson’s ex-girlfriends. Of course, just a coincidence. Very believable.

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