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‘Glee’s’ LGBTQ Thunder Dome

tumblr_niawyjFQWT1qhzi2jo1_500Glee has this habit of pitting LGBTQ characters against each other, as well as their shippers and fans. While the resulting social media commotion may be an effective way of creating some sort of social capital for a show that should have sunk years ago, it’s at the expense of the very same LGBTQ community Glee likes to congratulate itself for celebrating.

In the latest episode, which contains the much appreciated Brittana proposal and the most sensitive treatment of Brittana since season 2, it also features Santana viciously going after Kurt about why Blaine broke up with him. The result is pretty brutal and unnecessary, even for a character whose razor sharp edge is sometimes a complex, nuanced part of her personality. Really, it was uncalled for, even if Kurt interrupted Santana’s moment.

Beyond the fact that Blaine is the toxic character in the Klaine pairing and constantly escapes any sort of real criticism or challenge, it’s disheartening that Glee doesn’t seem to have room for two hugely important LGBTQ characters to exist in the same space and support each other at the same time.

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‘Glee’ Breakdowns



Glee released its first character breakdown yesterday, announcing the new roles Glee is casting for their final shortened season 6. Big surprise, all these new characters are high schoolers, 3 of the 5 characters are male, including another gay male character. I am going to place my bets right now that role will be cast as a white gay male.

I laughed a little at the Twitter outrage when TVLine made the casting information public this morning. More males, another gay male, no queer women… Why is anyone surprised? This is Glee, and history doesn’t lie. Glee has never really cared about telling the stories of queer women. The entire series has evolved into a disappointing homage to white men.

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‘Faking It’ F***ed Up

yM5DefuAFaking It. From such tentative potential after what sounded horrible, the season finale could not possibly have ended any worse. In those final seconds–with Amy (Rita Volk) and Liam’s (Gregg Sulkin) hook up–it really became a lesbian’s worst nightmare.

Covington states in a recent interview that his heart is in the right place and he comes from the same community. First, good intentions can still result in terrible actions. Secondly, he doesn’t come from the same community, as he so vividly demonstrated with Faking It’s season finale. Queer women are exploited by men–straight and apparently gay showrunners–by using these tired lesbian sleeps with man tropes, queer baiting and double standards.

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Glee fans choose songs to ruin — hear

To add to the growing body of literature, this morning Glee announced it was going to allow fans to vote to choose what songs the new New Directions should ruin next. Well, that’s not exactly what they’re doing, but that’s really the result. To celebrate its 100th episode, Glee allows fans to vote on 10 past performances to include in this upcoming episode. The travesty: the new members of New Directions will be performing the remixed versions of old favorite songs in the upcoming season 5 episode. (See edit below.)

Glee Season 2

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FOX Delusional About Glee Fans

This should speak for itself.

Delusional FOX Statements Delusional FOX Statements 2

Angry Fans = Success?

How does a show know their fans are engaged? Seems that the more dynamic the emotion, the more successful creators consider a show, even if it means fans are burning mad.

Bones just aired their season finale in which (minimal spoilers) a huge obstacle was thrown into Temperance “Bones” Brennan & Seeley Booth’s relationship. It was heartbreaking and left a lot of fans feeling a lot of different emotions, few of which included “happiness”.

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A New Approach

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, reading, listening and talking recently about Brittana, Glee and the ongoing battle of the fans.  And you know what? It might be time for testing a new approach.

The traditional model of fighting for equality involves just that; a lot of fighting.  Everything from advocating for government change through rallies and protests, all the way to TV and boycotting advertisers, or letter writing campaigns.  That’s what the model looks like; something isn’t right, we take up our pitch forks and picket signs and fight like hell.

But equality is most likely not won by fighting alone.  That’s part of the reason culture changes more from TV than anything else. People develop an attachment to or understanding of their favorite characters.  Sometimes those characters are lesbian, gay, or otherwise different from ourselves, and we extend our new found love of those characters to a new found acceptance of real life people similar to those characters.

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Glee Makes a YouTube Mistake

Sometimes, when story lines are not so hot, double standards are the new normal, and everything fans have to say about your failing show are ignored, it’s going to cause some trouble.  This is a lesson Glee has yet to learn as evidenced by their YouTube faux pas today.

Today, out comes a sneak peek video for next week’s Glee episode, an episode that is set to be wrought with Brittany and Sam interaction and Brittany saying “I love you” (allegedly) to Sam.  Again, another example of the double standards which the Brittana fandom (and others) have been fighting against since November.

Well this sneak peak video features Brittany singing a love song to her cat, Lord Tubbington.  And then Glee posted this description as the tagline for the video:

“Lord Tubbington plays a pivotal role in this episode as Brittany prepares to tell Sam that she loves him.”

Well, that was a bad idea.  A large number of Glee fans, (not just Brittana fans) started leaving negative comments and giving the video a thumbs down.  Criticism comes in two forms on this one: First, ridiculous story lines.  Second, the fact that Sam and Brittany are still a couple and Glee is still promoting their double standards ridden relationship.

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Brittana’s Real Because Fans are Real

This season, Glee has been winning approximately zero points from the Brittany & Santana (Brittana) fandom and the ladies those characters represent.  Glee show runner, Ryan Murphy, has struck again.  (Most people try to avoid marginalizing and angering their fans, but it seems that Glee throws rocks at certain fans with abandon.)

One of the worst things for a show runner to say about a beloved lesbian couple?  This…

Ryan Murphy Tweet

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Oh Ryan Murphy – What say you now?

Ryan Murphy is being honored by the Paley Center for Media for his contributions to the medium.   

The man who set back equality for lesbians, bisexual women, hell all women, was awarded by the Paley Center for Media as being a revolutionary show creator.  Ryan Murphy is not only the creator of Glee, but also The New Normal, American Horror Story, Popular, and Nip/Tuck.

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